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    BOYS 2017-18 US Lacrosse Players Segments

    DOB Age Group Assumed Grade
    09/01/09 - younger 8U K - 2nd
    09/01/07 - 08/31/09 10U 3rd -4th
    09/01/05 - 08/31/07 12U 5th - 6th
    09/01/03 - 08/31/05 14U 7th - 8th

    Need for Boys Youth Lacrosse Officials

    Do you know a high schooler that knows a little something about lacrosse and is interested in making a little extra money this summer? There is a need for officials for boys youth lacrosse games. Click on the link below for more information:


    Please check the DIBS tab as people may cancel. If we do not have enough volunteers, per league rules, we would have to forfeit the game(s).


    Per USLacrosse rules, all girls goggles must meet the new standard ASTM 3077.

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